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Archive for July 2012

July 2, 20129 years ago

Disability Insurance Definitions And Features

1.   Total Permanent.  Total permanent disability happens when, because of an injury or sickness, a person is unable to perform the duties of his occupation, is not engaged in any other gainful occupation, and is under the regular care of a physician.  This type of disability might result from a car accident, which could lead to paralysis. Read more

July 2, 20129 years ago

7 Steps To Create Your Best Life


1.   Get to know yourself.  Understanding yourself and what you need is the basis for a happy life and the guide to future good decisions.  What are your values?  What is important to you?  What people and activities do you enjoy most?  What gives you the greatest satisfaction?  Answering these questions is not a selfish exercise, but a window to the life you want to lead.  Knowing yourself helps you to align your actions and choices with what is important to you.  Read more