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7 Steps To Create Your Best Life


1.   Get to know yourself.  Understanding yourself and what you need is the basis for a happy life and the guide to future good decisions.  What are your values?  What is important to you?  What people and activities do you enjoy most?  What gives you the greatest satisfaction?  Answering these questions is not a selfish exercise, but a window to the life you want to lead.  Knowing yourself helps you to align your actions and choices with what is important to you. 

2.   Find what energizes you.  When people do what they enjoy, they radiate energy and enthusiasm.  Pursuing things you are passionate about helps you connect with people who share those interests and gives you satisfying ways to spend your time.  As you explore your interests, pay attention to the people and situations that enhance or deplete your energy.  You will find greater happiness focusing on people and activities that help you feel energized.

3.    Establish and test your vision.  Picture the life you want, including the activities you would like to pursue, people you would like to meet, things you would like to learn and places you want to visit.  Write down a few broad goals to help you turn that vision into reality, and then do your research.  Ask others about their experiences and try out a few of your ideas.  Your test drive will help you confirm what you really want and fine tune your plans.

4.   Disconnect and get inspired.  Once in a while, step away from the noise of constant distractions, disconnect from technology and do something that inspires you. It might be taking a walk in nature, practicing yoga, meeting a friend for coffee or reading poetry.  Taking time to rejuvenate periodically will help you be more calm, productive and creative in your day-to-day life.

5.   Choose the best and let go of the rest.  With so many options and opportunities available today, you simply cannot do everything that is presented to you.  Compare each opportunity to your broad goals and prioritize accordingly.  You will find many things that are “good” for you, some that are “better” for you, and still fewer that are “best.”   Choose the activities that support your goals best and do not worry about the rest.  This includes focusing on the most important tasks and ridding yourself of things that add unnecessary stress.

6.   Keep things in perspective.  Daily demands and pressure can be stressful at times, but it is important to focus on what we can control and try not to worry about things we cannot.  Choose a positive attitude and you will help others as well as yourself.

7.   Stay connected to your values.  When setbacks hit, as they sometimes do, that is when you will experience the strength and stability that comes from having a balanced approach in your life.  You can find comfort in knowing that your internal core principles and beliefs are constant, even in the face of external changes and challenges.