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Accounting and Tax

The needs of owner-operated businesses are very different from those of publicly-held companies, and those needs change significantly as the company grows.

Consider a company starting up. The decisions the entrepreneur makes now will affect the company’s structure, its future tax liability and long-term profitability, even its survival!

Kessler & Associates, P.C. recognizes that different types of enterprises have different accounting needs, just as different financial statement users have different information needs. As QuickBooks software experts, Kessler & Associates will set procedures to provide timely accurate data to make proactive decisions, evaluate your current financial condition and analyze projections.

Inexperienced professionals say:

Accounting … is Accounting … is Accounting!! NOT SO!!

The broad and complex area known as Accounting and Tax Compliance encompasses a variety of services, many of which apply to all clients, and some of which apply only to particular client situations.

These days it’s nearly impossible for small businesses to keep up with the ever changing tax laws. Because of this , too many companies just accept high tax bills as a fact of operating a business and end up making tax payments that are higher than necessary. That’s where Kessler & Associates can help! Our tax professionals know the subtleties of today’s tax law, and can almost always find opportunities for tax savings! And because we understand the concerns of a growing business, you’ll receive advice that fits your needs… including the tax strategies that affect both your personal and business tax objectives.

Our main purpose, our reason for serving, is to help our clients reach their goals by giving them the information they need timely and at a reasonable price.