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March 5, 201210 years ago

Insuring Against Mistakes

Some things to consider when buying life insurance:

BUY convertible term insurance if you do not have time to understand the risks of a proposed cash-value policy.

ASK the agent if you can get a better deal by combining one or more riders with base coverage.

PAY the minimum premium to get the policy in full force, and then review the contract to decide on the best premium schedule. Read more

March 5, 201210 years ago

Is Time On Your Side?

How long do you have to keep your tax records?  Like many issues of law, it depends.  Practically speaking, the statute of limitations on additional tax assessments runs for three years from the time you have filed your tax return or the due date, whichever comes later. Read more

February 14, 201210 years ago

Tips For Solving The Cost-Basis Mystery

That old gift of stock from a parent or Uncle Jerry can create a tax headache when the time comes to sell it. Capital gains tax due when someone sells a gift of stock is generally based on what the original owner paid for the shares, as well as events such as mergers, spinoffs and stock splits that occurred at the company in the years since. That original basis, though, is often lost. Read more